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Wolf Tracks Cuff/Bracelet

Wolves have a complicated communication system that involves the use of body language. People who have wolf medicine will often express themselves and their emotions using their hands, face, postuer or other gestures.

Express yourself by creating this 1.25 inch wide bracelet. The finished beadwork piece is 5.75 inches long. the bracelet can be made longer by changing the clasp style or adding another repeat of either the diamond pattern (two motifs = 2/3 inch) or the wolf paw motif (one repeat = 1 inch)

The one-page pattern features

  • a full-color graph-style beading chart
  • color key with suggested Delica bead colors and bead counts
  • graph-style beading chart for the toggle bar with color key and bead counts
  • instructions for making the mock-peyote loop
  • a color photo of the finished piece.

    Approximate Finished size:
    Beadwork strip = 1.25 inches x 5.75 inches
    (Length can be adjusted by adding more motifs)
    Supplies Used:
    Delica seed beads
    Peyote/Brick Stitch
    Pages to Print:
    Skill Level:

    Price: $5.00