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Bead Patterns Boutique

Featured Patterns:

Intertwined Hearts Earrings
Intertwined Hearts Earrings by The Bead Doodler Instant Access!
These Intertwined Hearts earrings, beadwoven in brick/peyote stitch, measuring about 1.25 inches wide X  3.45 inches long, make a big, bold statement. 


On the pattern pages, I have provided you with:
  • picture of the finished product
  • bead chart including Delica numbers
  • a lettered graph, allowing you to use colors of your choice
  • bead count for each color
Approximate Finished size:
1.25 inch wide X 3.45 inches long
Supplies Used:
Size 11 delica seed beads in three colors 
Pages to Print:
two including cover
Skill Level:
Advanced beginner.  Must be able to increase and decrease in brick or peyote.  No stitch instructions are given
Price: $5.00
Wind Dancer Cuff Bracelet
Wind Dancer Cuff Bracelet by Out Of The Flames Instant Access!

A  beautiful Native Eagle Bracelet  in a colorful  Palette.  Add your favorite style Clasp for a Gorgeous Cuff or attach to a blank. You could also add a tassel or fringe for a beautiful bookmark. Larger beads would make a Beautiful strip for Native American Regalia.  Designed with 7- 11/0 Delica colors. Available with or without word chart.

(Beaded by Jan Hebert-Parmenter) Thank You Jan!

 On the pattern pages, I have provided you with: 

  • Photo Of Finished Piece
  • Color # and or word chart
  • Delica List with amounts used
  • Finishing Instructions

  Approximate Finished size:

1.25" x  6.7" 
Supplies Used:
Delicas, Nymo, Leather, clasp, 
Peyote or Brick Stitch
Pages to Print:
 pages- 8 with word chart
Skill Level:
Intermediate beginner (knowledge Of Stitch required)
Price: $5.50
More Info
Heart Of America
Heart Of America by Out Of The Flames Instant Access!
The Heart of America. Bead this piece up as a Patch for a jacket or vest. You could also make it into a Bag for the 4th of July. Show your Colors America! There are 5 colors in this piece. Available with or without word chart


On the pattern pages, I have provided you with:
  • Picture of Finished piece
  • color # and or word chart
  • Delica List with amounts used
Approximate Finished size:
4" x5"
Supplies Used:
Delica's Nymo
Loom Or Square Stitch
Pages to Print:
Graph prints on 1, word chart on 2
Skill Level:
Price: $5.00
More Info
USA Red White And Blue Bracelet
More Images
USA Red White And Blue Bracelet by Out Of The Flames Instant Access!
A Red White and Blue Bracelet to celebrate the 4th Of July and your patriotism. Done in 5 colors and has lots of Sparkle. With the clasps I've used this piece fits up to a 7 1/2 in wrist. if you need a bigger bracelet add a few rows to the ends. Pattern comes with easy to follow color graph,  list of Delicas with amounts used, realistic image of completed piece. Available with or without word chart.

Approximate Finished size:
7 1/2" x 1 5/8"
Supplies Used:
Delica beads, Nymo, Leather Backing, Thermo web adhesive, clasp of your choice
Loom or square stitch
Pages to Print:
Graph Prints on 2, Word chart 4
Skill Level:
Intermediate- Knowledge of loom or square stitch required
Price: $5.00
More Info
Simple Elegance Bracelet
More Images
Simple Elegance Bracelet by Romina Designs Instant Access!
A very simple yet very sparkly bracelet.  Wear many at a time or just one.  Perfect with any outfit!

This bracelet is a great starter project for anyone starting to bead. 


On the pattern pages, I have provided you with:
  • Written step by step instructions
  • Step by step diagrams
  • Material list and contact info
  • Photos of finished piece
Approximate Finished size:
depends on wrist size
Supplies Used:
Swarovski pearls and crystals, seed beads, fireline, clasp, beading needles
Right Angle Weave base with embellishment
Pages to Print:
Skill Level:
Easy, Advanced Beginner
Price: $8.50
Ostara Earring/ Pendant
Ostara Earring/ Pendant by The Bead Doodler Instant Access!
"Ostara" is a celebration, whether or not the heart shape was intentional I'll leave you to guess. The design is beadwoven in free style and features 2 hole piggy beads, pearls and 3 sizes of seed beads.  Wonderfully adaptable for earrings, pendant or ornament.

On the pattern pages, I have provided you with:
  • pictures of a finished earring and finished pendant
  • list of beads
  • step by step illustrations
  • photo of each finished step
  • instructions for attaching to an ear wire and for creating a bale for a pendant
  • tips and suggestions
Approximate Finished size:
1 inch wide X 1.25 inch long (not including ear wire or bale)
Supplies Used:
Size 11 seed beads, size 6 seed beads, size 15 seed beads, piggy beads in 2 colors, 6mm pearls,
free form
Pages to Print:
4 including cover 
Skill Level:
advanced beginner up
Price: $5.75
Boroque Heart
Boroque Heart by The Bead Doodler Instant Access!
This unique Boroque Heart starts with a bezeled rivoli chaton and is further embellished with the same seed beads as the bezel plus 3 4mm crystal bicones.

On the pattern pages, I have provided you with:
  • list of supplies
  • illustrations with text for the bezel and strap
  • round by round diagrams with text for the embellishment
  • picture of the finished project
Approximate Finished size:
1 inch wide X 1/5 inch long
Supplies Used:
14 mm rivoli, 3 4mm crystal bicones, size 11 Japanese seed beads, size 15 seed beads
peyote/ modified netting, 2 needle RAW (for strap)
Pages to Print:
Skill Level:
Price: $6.50
Collie by Beadintrigue Instant Access!
Collie dogs, a distinctive type of herding dog originated in Scotland and Northern England

On the pattern pages, I have provided you with:
  • Color Chart
  • Delica colors and bead counts
  • Picture of finished item
Approximate Finished size:
1 3/8 inches
Supplies Used:
Delica 11, Silamide thread, sterling hook
Brick stitch
Pages to Print:
Total 1 Page
Skill Level:
Intermediate knowledge of brick stitch required for this pattern
Price: $4.00
Mille Fiori Crystal Bracelet
More Images
Mille Fiori Crystal Bracelet by Romina Designs Instant Access!
Love Bling?? Then this bracelet is for you!  Swarovski pearl base embellished with lots and lots of crystals made into little flowers! 

Perfect to wear with any outfit!

This pattern works up pretty fast and can be made to be any width. Make a thin bracelet or a nice thick blingy one!


On the pattern pages, I have provided you with:
  • step by step written instructions
  • step by step diagrams
  • material list and contact info
  • photos of finished piece
Approximate Finished size:
Varies by wrist size but standard width is about and inch and a half thick
Supplies Used:
Swarovski crystal elements (pearls and crystals), seed beads, fireline, beading needles, clasp
Right Angle Weave / Embellishment
Pages to Print:
Skill Level:
Price: $9.00
Fun Infectious - BP-PEY-013
More Images
Fun Infectious - BP-PEY-013 by Trinity Designer Jewelry Instant Access!
Very striking, vibrant, colourful, designer, unigue, fashion statement Peyote Stitch Bracelet pattern/ tutorial is this beauty: "Fun Infectious".

 My bead fairy and friend gorgeously stitched this design. You did a great job, again, Sue. Thank you so much.

"Fun Infectious" - SHAPED Peyote STITCH PATTERN was stitched using Miyuki Delica 11/0 beads.

More Information!


On the pattern pages, I have provided you with:
  • Large Pattern
  • Photo of the finished work
  • Bead Counts
  • 9 Colours Required
Approximate Finished size:
LENGTH: 27 Columns (1.34" at the widest point) WIDTH: 200 Rows ( 6.58") Loop ads 1/2"
Supplies Used:
Miyuki 11/0 Delica Seed Beads
Shaped Peyote
Pages to Print:
Skill Level:
Price: $7.50
More Info
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