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Bead Patterns Boutique

Easter Bead Patterns:

Little Stuffed Bunny
Little Stuffed Bunny by Beadintrigue Instant Access!
Here's a little stuffed bunny just in time to whip up for that little special someone using only six colors.

On the pattern pages, I have provided you with:
  • Delica colors and bead counts
  • Picture of the finished item
  • Color chart
Approximate Finished size:
1 3/8 inches
Supplies Used:
Delica 11, Silamide thread, hook
Stitch Brick stitch or Peyote stitch
Pages to Print:
Total Pages 1
Skill Level:
Skill Level Intermediate, knowledge of brick or peyote stitch needed
Price: $3.00
Jesus Is Lord Ornament Cover
More Images
Jesus Is Lord Ornament Cover by Grandma Marilyn's Instant Access!
This Jesus Is Lord ornament cover was requested by Ellen Roskopp, my Bead Angel. She was also the one who beaded up this beautiful ornament cover. Ellen came up with the beautiful fringe on the ornament cover also (directions included). The beauty of this ornament cover is that it can be used year 'round and not just at Christmas.

On the pattern pages, I have provided you with:
  • A full page pattern
  • A list of suggested supplies
  • Complete bead counts
  • A Picture of the finished piece
  • Word Chart available
  • No Basic stitch instructions are provided
Approximate Finished size:
8 inches long by 1 1/4 wide
Supplies Used:
Delicas 11/0, Glass 11/0 seed beads, small white pearls, 1 inch gold bugle beads, 4mm red crystals, and 1/4 inch twisted bugle beads
Peyote, Stringing, Fringe
Pages to Print:
6 no word chart or 13 word chart included
Skill Level:
Advanced Beginner to Intermediate (Must know peyote and how to do fringe)


Price: $6.50
More Info
Cracked Easter Egg Cover
More Images
Cracked Easter Egg Cover by The Bead Doodler Instant Access!
This Easter egg cover features 4 pearl feet to serve as an egg stand, unique netting that produces a variety of designs and a pearl finial on top. It fits a large (2 inch diameter) plastic Easter egg. Bead this egg cover and see how many different designs you can find in it.  My daughter and I have found a butterfly, easter basket and tulip just to name a few. 


On the pattern pages, I have provided you with:
  • Supply list
  • Step by Step illustrated and text instructions
  • Close up pictures of the finished product
Approximate Finished size:
2 inch diameter (at the widest part) easter egg
Supplies Used:
size 11 and size 8 Japanese seed beads, 8mm pearls, 6mm pearl
Modified netting
Pages to Print:
9 plus cover sheet
Skill Level:
advanced beginner up
Price: $8.50
Eggs-actly by Bead of My Heart Instant Access!
Colorful Easter Eggs to decorate your wrist. :}

Make 2 of your favorite eggs as earrings for a Holiday Set.

Made with Peyote using a lot of increases & decreases. No stitch instructions included.

On the pattern pages I have provided you with:
  • Picture of the finished piece.
  • Large easy to read graphs & photos.
  • Suggested supplies list.
Approximate Finished size:
Length: 8 1/2 inches (w/clasp). Height: 1 inch.
Supplies Used:
size 11/0 Delicas, #15 Gold Rocaille, Ball & Hitch Clasp, Wire Guardians, Split Rings
Peyote Stitch
Pages to Print:
2 plus cover page
Skill Level:
Price: $6.50
Easter Rising
Easter Rising by Starr Design Instant Access!
The filigree cut outs on this cross makes it a challenge, but so worth it. The unique shape makes them very attractive on the ears or even as a cell phone charm.


On the pattern page, I have provided you with:
  • Suggested Colors Listed By Mfg. #
  • A large graph for an easy read
  • Photo of the finished earrings
  • Beading Tips on how to work this type of piece
Approximate Finished size:
2 1/4 Inches Long by 7/8 inch Wide
Supplies Used:
Delica 11/0
Brick Stitch
Pages to Print:
Skill Level:
Price: $5.00
Jellie Bean Beaded Bracelet
Jellie Bean Beaded Bracelet by SuJen Jewelry Designs Instant Access!
Jellie Bean Beaded Beads that make up this really adorable bracelet. The colors of Easter or Spring which ever you wish in a very simple pattern of even count peyote, and only 4 beaded beads. The rest is what I had available to make up the bracelet which is rondelle 6mm crystal beads, bead caps and Cats eye oval beads


On the pattern pages, I have provided you with:
  • Resources for the findings and crystals
  • Bead Names or suggestions
  • Bead Colors, numbers
  • Bead Counts
  • Picture of finished and tested piece
  • Bead Word Chart is also available
Approximate Finished size:
12 columns wide (0.63 inch) columns) by 1.69 inch (26 rows)long without finished ends.
Supplies Used:
Miyuki size 11 Delicas, fireline 6 pound test clear, bead caps, crystals, cats eye beads Crystal_Rondelle_6x4mm.html 3x6mm GP Flower Bead Caps (Sold per Pack of 100) 4x8mm GP Filigree Bead Caps (Sold per Pack of 100) 6x9mm Glass Cat's Eye Beads Oval Shaped
Even count Peyote
Pages to Print:
4 With word chart
Skill Level:
Beginner Must have a good knowledge of peyote stitch, Advanced Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Price: $4.50
More Info
Spring Hare
Spring Hare by Starr Design Instant Access!
How can you go hoppin into the holidays without an Easter bunny? Well here is a cute little guy just the right size to dangle from your ears.

The original pattern was created using size 15/0 seed beads. This would still work up perfectly in Delica or any size 11/0 as well.

The simple 3-D affects on these earrings are a must have. His little cheeks, nose, arms and his carrot make these earrings just adorable!


On the pattern pages, I have provided you with:
  • A Large Color Graph
  • Finishing Instructions Are Provided
  • List Of Suggested Colors
  • Photo Of The Finished Piece
Approximate Finished size:
1 1/4 inches Long x 3/4 inch wide
Supplies Used:
15/0 Seed Beads
Brick Stitch
Pages to Print:
Skill Level:
Price: $5.00
Spring Pastel Bracelet
More Images
Spring Pastel Bracelet by Out Of The Flames Instant Access!
A gorgeous Cuff in A Simple Spring Design. The Pastel colors would make it a perfect Easter cuff. Add your favorite Clasp for a Beautiful Cuff or add fringe for a unique bookmark. There are 6 colors and the size is adjustable by adding or omitting rows. Available with or without word chart.


On the pattern pages, I have provided you with:
  • Picture Of finished Piece
  • Color Symbol and or word chart
  • Delica list with amounts used
  • Finishing instructions
Approximate Finished size:
1.2" x 6.7"
Supplies Used:
Delicas, nymo, leather, clasp
Square or Loom stitch
Pages to Print:
Graph prints on 2, word chart on 3
Skill Level:
Intermediate beginner
Price: $5.00
More Info
Bunny Ear Flowers
Bunny Ear Flowers by SuJen Jewelry Designs Instant Access!
This is just about the cutest one I have made yet. Only 8 columns wide, it went together in less then a day.

Bright colors and a breath of spring. This would make a perfect gift for that special little girl for Easter.

You can embellish it with a picot edge or leave it as it is. You can adjust the size based on the way the flowers are. Just a fun bracelet to have and to make


On the pattern pages, I have provided you with:
  • Completed picture of pattern piece
  • Word Chart
  • Bead name, colors and numbers
  • Large graphic of pattern
Approximate Finished size:
0.42 (8 columns) x 6.16 (89 rows)which can be adjusted to fit
Supplies Used:
Miyuki Delicas, Fireline clear 6 pound test
Even count peyote
Pages to Print:
Skill Level:
Beginner through Advanced
Price: $5.00
More Info
Jumping Sheep Bracelet Pattern in Peyote
Jumping Sheep Bracelet Pattern in Peyote by FDEkszer Instant Access!
When I was young my granddad had a farm ei-ei-oh and on his far he had a sheep ei-ei-oh. He also had a garden ei-ei-oh with tasty peas which we did eat ei-ei-oh and gave the pods to the sheep ei-ei-oh (true story/confession).

I feel much better for getting that off my chest, now these fluffy white guys obviously weren't eating lots of peas because they can jump so high into that blue sky. Mind you the only time I ever saw a sheep jump that high was during dip time (ask a farmer).

We hope you like it and happy beading.


On the pattern pages, I have provided you with:
  • Picture of the finished bracelet
  • Chart including the color, name, ID number and quantity of each type of bead used in the project
  • Bead graph - a large, detailed, numbered graph of the pattern
  • Optionally it has Word chart and Word Chart Instructions - How to read a word chart
Approximate Finished size:
Length: 16.9cm (6.6 inches) excluding clasp Width: 4cm (1.6 inches)
Supplies Used:
Size 11/o Delica beads
One-drop even peyote stitch
Pages to Print:
11 pages including the word chart, 6 pages with just the bead graph.
Skill Level:
Beginners/Intermediate (Beader should be familiar with 1-drop Peyote stitch as no stitch instructions are included)
Price: $6.50
More Info
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