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Grandma Marilyn's


If would like to be one of my Bead Angels and test one of my bead patterns, just email me at and let me know which one you would like to do. I will send you an email with the pattern or patterns. PLEASE do not buy the patterns you want to be Bead Angel for. You will not have to purchase the patterns as they will be your payment for beading them up for me.

You can find my Patterns in the Rough that need a Bead Angel at (click on link below to go to that category):

Accessory Sets in the Rough
Jewelry in the Rough
Loom Bracelets in the Rough
Peyote Bracelets in the Rough

What Does This Mean?
1. Your name will be on the pattern as my Bead Angel for that pattern.
2. Your name will be in the listing for the pattern on BPB or any other site that I publish it on.
3. You name will be on any blog post or article that I create for the pattern.

What Will I expect from you?
1. I will supply the bead pattern and you will supply the beads and bead up the pattern.
2. I will need for you to read the PDF for any errors. If you find any, let me know so I can correct them. Any suggestions will be welcome, too. Make sure that you check to make sure your name is on the bead pattern as the Bead Angel.
3. If you don't have suggested colors or the colors don't look good together as you are beading, contact me and we will discuss if the colors can be changed. I will be able to change my pattern at that time and send you a corrected pattern.
4. I will expect you to take at least two good quality pictures of the finished items.
     a. If doing one of the accessory set bead patterns, I need you to send me at least two pictures of the piece flat and get approval from me before you zip them up. The reason I like the flat pictures is to show the customers the whole cover or wrap along side the finished picture. Once they are zipped up, I will need another few pictures of the beaded piece on the item it is covering. This time roll it around to get pictures of all sides.
     b. For any other bead patterns, I will need at least two good pictures of the finished item. Please send me pictures and get approval.
5. If you added to the pattern (ie, finishing off an amulet bag panel into an amulet bag), I need the instructions on how you finished off the beaded item so I can add it to the pattern, if needed.
6. It would be nice if you would post pictures of the finished items in any groups you are in and let them know that I designed the bead pattern and where to find it.
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